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Programme Management experience

The Skellig Solutions team have supported many organisations through all parts of the change life cycle.

We have an extensive track record of managing change programmes for Banks in Europe and Asia.

These programmes include the set up and managing of:-

  • Sale of Banking entity and Licence

  • Retail and Commercial Loans Sales 

  • Bank Closures

  • Cost base reduction programmes

  • Set up of Legacy operations post closure

Click on the Link below to read more on our recent case studies

Other areas of Expertise
Our Team

We draw on on our experienced team to help you design and effect major change programmes within your organisation.


We can help you at different points of the change life cycle from research insights, strategic change review, benefit analysis, to the set up and implementation of your change programme

Contact Us

TEL:   +353 1 254 9633


News & Publications

Read the new commentary from LEF's Simon Wardley, that reflects upon the ongoing research around the Industrialization of Technology and looks ahead to our Study Tour next month. click on the link below for more details

Dublin event, Co-hosted by DXC

The Artist Formerly Known As The IT Organization - Evolving IT to Support 21st Century Businesses

As businesses and public sector agencies evolve to win in the 21st century, the IT organization needs to adapt to become the digital engine of the enterprise. This includes exploiting cloud and supporting distributed cloud consumption models, evolving the IT/digital talent pool, dealing with the challenge of cyber-risk, embedding machine intelligence and absorbing the Internet of Things into the enterprise architecture.

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