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How we work with Clients

Business Change

We work with clients through all life cycle stages of business change from early inception, design of the change programme, and benefits analysis


We have a proven track record of putting together an implementation team of programme, project, technical and business expertise to effect large scale changes within client organisations.

Leading Edge Forum

Skellig Solutions has represented the Leading Edge Forum in Ireland since 2005.  


Latest research from the LEF is developing an understanding that while many digital trends and technologies are exciting, there is a deeper, underlying need to re-imagine our businesses and government agencies to make them viable; to make them evolve and thrive; to make them win in the 21st century. Discover more ....

Business Restructuring

We have worked extensively with clients to restructure their business designing, resourcing and managing major programmes to close business, complete business transfers, undertake organisation wide downsizing in response to changing market conditions.

Programmes typically require the set up and management of cross functional teams comprising Legal, compliance, Communications, HR, Business/Product and IT and Operational chnages required to effect the programme of chnage.


Working with 650labs based in Silicon Valley, we can introduce clients to their corporate accelerator focusing on innovation, growth and organizational transformation.

650lab also offer a popup innovation and are seeing large organizations throughout the world coming to Silicon Valley to learn. They are helping organisations to deeply immerse into this ecosystem and ultimately look to to help change these organisations.

Value Chain Mapping


See how Simon Wardley's exciting mapping techniques can develop your organisation's view of the future - which is more predictable than you think.

BRM (Business Relation Management)

How to create a Business relationship management capability within your organisation.

Business relationship management stimulates, and shapes business demand across business functions like IT, human resources, finance, legal. The objective of BRM is to ensures that the potential business value from meeting business demand is captured, optimized, and recognized.

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