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Study Tour 2021: The Ways & Means of Industrialization


One form of disruption deals with product versus product, such as Apple vs Nokia. It is unpredictable and tends to change an industry. We call this substitution. Another form of disruption deals with the evolution of product to commodity or utility. Examples of this include Apple vs Android, servers vs cloud or runtime vs serverless. It is predictable and tends to change societies. We call this industrialization.

The details of the March study tour are available on the LEF website click on the link below

Attendees learned about the implications and challenges for platform business when we unveiled the findings of the latest LEF research Mastering Platform Businesses.

Hosted by DXC Technology, we invited attendees to share our latest research in these areas and explore how their organisation needs to evolve, through a combination of research presentations, case studies and open-forum dialogue with LEF research.

June 20th, Dublin event (click above for more information and registration)

DXC hosted an event to showcase the latest research from the Leading Edge Forum.  Part of a series of events in Europe and the US, this half-day Executive Development event focused on the role of the IT organization and how it must adapt to become the digital engine of the enterprise. Many businesses and government agencies are wrestling with this challenge to determine their options to evolve, survive and thrive - or even just try and remain relevant - in the 21st Century.  Themes explored included:

  • Exploiting cloud and supporting distributed cloud consumption models

  • Embedding machine intelligence and the Internet of Things into enterprise architecture

  • The digital talent war – why staff need to augment skills and embrace technology change

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